Nathalie de Leval is a Belgian furniture designer and maker based in North London. For over twenty years she has created award-winning furniture designs for international manufacturers and worked collaboratively with architects, landscape architects, interior designers and on private commissions, to design furniture for public and private spaces.

Originally trained as a sculptor, Nathalie went onto to study cabinet making and discovered a passion for furniture, leading to an MA in furniture design at the Royal College of Art. Alongside her furniture Nathalie continues her art practice, often using offcuts from the workshop.

Her grounding in craft combines with a profound belief in the role of furniture to positively transform our experience of public and private environments. Through her hands on design and making process, understanding the needs of people and place, exacting attention to detail, and with sustainability a guiding principle, Nathalie seeks to combine the useful and the poetic creating timeless pieces that are beautifully crafted to stay relevant and endure.

Underpinning Nathalie’s love of furniture is a deep connection to her family’s woods in Belgium where she is increasingly involved in woodland management, planting new varieties of trees to deal with the challenges of climate change, and using timber harvested from the woods in her furniture.
Nath In Woods Cropped
Ndl Portrait Petr
‘‘In this highly commercialised world it is so nice to discover someone who is so hands on, not only in terms of her design but also in the making of her furniture. Nathalie’s understanding of the materials she works with is really amazing, she combines this with fantastic craftsmanship to make something truly contemporary.’’
Sir Paul Smith