Series 67 modular student furniture for David Phillips
Series 67 modular student furniture for David Phillips
David Phillips is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of rental and student accomodation furniture. To celebrate their 50 years in the business they commissioned me to design a modular range of furniture suitable for all types of residential and contract settings – especially student accommodation.
Series 67 is based on a system of low plinths or plinths with legs onto which are fitted the different units; wardrobes, chests of drawers and shelving, in different arrangements to suit the size and shape of any room. All the units are designed on a grid to ensure that however they are put together there is a consistency in terms of heights and depths, creating calm, clean lines in even the smallest rooms. Long, solid oak handles bring a moment of warm natural material just where you feel it.
It can be used for refurbishment and retrofit projects as well as in new build. Key to it’s design is the speed and ease of installation, reducing the amount of onsite fitting, a major cost particularly in student accomodation furniture.
For me, thinking about the experience of the students was fundamental to the design. Even given the tight constraints of the materials – predominantly melamine faced chipboard – and cost, I was determined to give the same level of care and consideration to the design to create furniture that feels warm and inviting, helping to create a home away from home for the students.
1:5 models showing different configurations