Twigz Side Darker 2
The Twigz Café Collection of chairs, tables and benches combine light, minimal frames with soft curving elements. Suitable for indoors and outdoors, its modest scale make it perfect to fit in many different spaces from cafés to restaurants and homes. The sinuous curving back leg of the stacking chair gives it an elegant and playful silhouette. Its cast aluminium back has a comfortable form-fitting curve, ergonomic soft edges and a subtle scooping out on the backside that also saves on the amount of aluminium required for the casting. The back is attached to the steel frame with discrete fixings allowing for future disassembly and recycling.

The Twigz tables and benches are distilled down to their essence while having beautifully crafted moments of quiet sophistication. They share a common detail with the chair where round tube legs and rectangular rails are fitted, welded and hand ground to become seamless blended corners. There are 2 bench lengths for 2 and 3 people, with seat options of plywood, steel and upholstery and rectangular tables for 6 and 8 with different tops for indoors or outdoors.

Colour is a key feature of the Twigz collection with 21 standard powder coated colours and 200+ RAL colours available for a small upcharge. The variety of material options and colours change the personality of the designs and make the range infinitely versatile. Designed in collaboration with Andrew Jones.
Division 12
Planet Positive Award
Twigz Backangle Upholstered
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Keilhauer Twigzstacking Orange Square
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Twigz Round Table
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